it comes like rain;

and this is how you will know me, sister, among the captives:
my hair perfumed with incense smoke, how slowly i enter the vacancy of a room.
my reliquary heart.

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keeping me company these nights: profoundly haunting & beautiful, Dear Esther is a gorgeously rendered poetic ghost story told using first-person gaming technologies; it is an experimental journey, the exploration of a deserted island, a tale of love, loss, grief and redemption delivered via somber, elegant voice-over and a stunning soundtrack set against one of the most beautiful environments yet created in a game. it is breathtaking, full and heavy with mood, sometimes eerie & disquieting, and every playthrough is slightly different.

"From here I can see my armada. I collected all the letters I’d ever meant to send to you, if I’d have ever made it to the mainland, but had instead collected at the bottom of my rucksack, and I spread them out along the lost beach. Then I took each and every one and I folded them into boats. I folded you into the creases and then, as the sun was setting, I set the fleet to sail. Shattered into twenty-one pieces, I consigned you to the Atlantic, and I sat here until I’d watched all of you sink."

— Narration from Dear Esther

they’ve a successor tentatively due out next summer entitled Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. there are few details about what exactly it will be, but if it at all echoes the experience of Dear Esther, i am breathlessly anticipating.

sometimes we find the things which seem to us our own essence, beautifully crystallized.

sometimes they find us.

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